Your session will be booked at one of our partner studios in the Orange County area. Engineering, Producing and Mixing will be handled by the MTG Recording Studio staff

Looking to grow as a songwriter? Want to meet and collaborate with other songwriters to strengthen your material? Wishing to record your original songs on a budget? Once a month we will be hosting a Songwriter's Meetup in the Community Lounge at MTG Recording Studios. We will be sharing songs and writing tips, as well as providing weekly assignments and optional collaborations within the group. Producer/Engineer Mitch will be on hand to help coach one another to develop your best material. A bonus of becoming a group member and attending the meetings will be a discounted rate at MTG recording studios (a super bare minimum amount). This should be a great meetup to network, perform, write, collaborate, and beyond!.

Includes two revisions, additional charges will incur after the 2nd revision

Mixing & Mastering Session $25 per hr

All Rates are based on a 2hr minimum

In-Studio Session $80 per hr

Pre Production (no obligation) meeting to discuss your projects vision, budget, schedule and deadlines.

We have a 16 channels studio setup with a vocal booth.

Editing, mixing and mastering services as well as artist content management.

We'll come to your location and do basic songwriter tracking. The remainder of the songs tracking will be done during a unattended session by a producer at our home studio.

Songwriter Session $40 per hr

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